Looking for clarification on nav:selectedImage

6.7 Implementation Guide page 308 says a Navon’s “nav:selectedImage” property is a NavImage Node that was selected by the “Selector”

Does anyone have any experience with this property and can give a little more of an explanation on what this means? I have a feeling I’m missing a piece of information that I need to fully grok this statement, and it’s probably pretty obvious or hiding from me in plain sight. I tried a couple forum searches, and it seems that this property is either very commonly (and thus not talked about) or very uncommonly used.

Thanks in advance.


This property is essentially the image equivalent of the landing page property. It specifies the URL of the image currently being used for the node.


Ok… so, I don’t need to select anything, just slot the Nav Image into the normal rffNavImage slot? What then is the “Image Selector” control for?

in rffSnCiNavBreadcrumbs, I see code like:

  #set ( $image = $node.getNodes("nav:image").next())

Which, fairly obviously, grabs the first image in the NavImage slot.

And in rffSnCiNavHome:

  #set($navimages = $node.getNodes("nav:image"))
  #foreach ( $navimg in $navimages )
    #set($selector = $navimg.getProperty("rx:selector").String)
    #if ($selector == "section")
       #set ( $image = $navimg )

Which looks for a slotted NavImage whose selector value is “section”…

And in rffCiNavTop, there appears to be some code that picks rollover images based on a rx:no_selector property from the navon.

I see nav:selectedImage being used in the Enterprise Investments demo… But I’m sort of failing to understand the rubric that the engine uses to choose the image node that gets returned, and why it isn’t used in the Corporate demo as well. Is this just the 1st item in the rffNavImage slot? Is it the 1st item in the rffNavImage slot that has a rx:selector that matches the navon’s rx:no_selector choice? If not, then how do I tell the system which NavImage to use for the node in this property?

Thanks again.


Could you explain the problem you are trying to solve that has you looking at this property?

We handle navigation very differently now that browser support for CSS is standard, and that property is not used very much any more.


I was just curious, really. I’m in the middle of my first foray into Managed Navigation and I wanted to know what everything was and how it all worked. Finding something partially documented like this just piqued my curiosity.