Losing SQL Server connection in production, requires restart

Our production server (Rhythmyx 6.5.2) has two database connections: the Rhythmyx database, and the database that we publish to. Lately, it is loosing its connection to the publishing database, and not recovering. We have to restart the server.

Although both databases are on the same server, Rhythmyx hasn’t shown signs of loosing its connection to the Rhythmyx Repository database. But the DB publishing Editions editions either fail with a JDBC connection error, or they hang on forever.

It’s the only process that updates those tables, so I don’t think it’s a locking issue.

The ideal thing would be to have it reestablish the connection automatically, without having to restart the Rhythmyx server. Is there a way to configure that?

Another thing that would be good, would be to configure it to alert us when the problem happens.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.