While sending out the email notification I am getting the following error:

An error occurred processing the query submitted by session id 85f52de92eb86ba330c6c49a6871b30889bbd0cb.</Error>
<Error id=“1”>java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: javax.mail.Session.getDefaultInstance(Ljava/util/Properties;)Ljavax/mail/Session;

I did some investigation, and found there are mulitple instances of mail.jar present in the Rhythmyx server. I am concerned that the system must be loading the wrong version of mail.jar to get the Session. It must be loading the version of Session that doesnot have the getDefaultInstance() method in it.

Following are the version of mail.jar currently present:
mail.jar —there are a bunch of copies of mail.jar in different folders… even not sure if they are all the same or different

Generally for getting session for JavaMail, which jar needs to be used on Rhythmyx custom action?


You need to make sure that you use JavaMail version 1.4. If you didn’t compile with this version, you will get “no such method” exceptions.


The version that I am using for compilation in my local eclipse env is 1.4.2. I downloaded this jar myself from sun site. However, for runtime, we are using whatever mail.jar that comes out of the box from Percussion.