Major Improvements Needed

I’ve put together a list over the last few years of some items I believe should be basic items included in Percussion.

  1. Responsive admin panel.  I’m not always in front of a computer when I get a message that something needs to be done with our website.  I found out one day pretty quickly that your interface (1) isn’t responsive, (2) does not work on mobile/tablets.  To me this is a pretty big thing these days.
  2. Percussion does not perform or give you the option to perform some basic checks on a page before it is submitted and/or published.  It would be really nice if you could run a spell check or a simple 508 compliant scan on a page before it’s submitted/published.
  3. Templating engine is not the easiest thing to work.  It would be really nice if you could mark your template up like you do in WordPress and then have some placeholders to inject the content from Percussion into it.  This would allow people quickly mock up a site as well as only load what they absolutely need in the code.  This would also remove all of the excessive “perc” divs in everyones code.  Leaner is always cleaner.
  4. It would also be nice if we did not have a lot of injected items in our code that say Percussion all over it.  WordPress is free and you have the option to keep it in the header or remove it.  Also helps people if there is a big security bug and they haven’t ran the update to fix this, people wouldn’t know what CMS they were running by looking at the code.
    If I had to rank the above items in importance, I would have to say it would be: 1, 3, 4, 2.

Items that are not “important” but would be nice

  1. “Impersonate Users” - It would be nice to impersonate users when helping them so we could see exactly what they see when walking them through items.
  2. Ability to limit what files/folders people see.
  3. Percussion admin panel notifications

I’m sure I will have more so I will update this ticket as I think of them again.

+1  to all of the above.

+1 to all o the above. Good thinking, Matt. 

It’s 2016 and everyone’s on mobile nowadays :wink:

I’m bumping this to +1 the mobile. I had to check some scheduled publishes last night and some assets didn’t update as expected. I couldn’t do anything from my phone–I could get to the Publish tab, but there was no way to “double-click” on a site to kick off a publish. 

I think it would be best if Percussion developers move all to Bootstrap or Foundation framework that is mobile-friendly and accessible-friendly. I can’t do anything on my iPad when someone asked me to update the page or asset.

Found another item I figured I should add here.  This is more on the sales side but I’m it’s still relevant.

Most competitors offer “unlimited” domain hosting in their CMS for the same if not lower “Maintenance” fees.  Percussion should really look into restructuring this.  We have opted to use a different CMS for a few of our projects due to this.

Thanks for the Idea’s.  We’ll align them with current product plan / backlog and update this thread with what is planned in this list versus what isn’t, most likely breaking them/linking into separate Idea threads.