Make Custom Styles (classes) smarter in Rich Text editor

In the Rich Text editor, wrapping single words or section of content in a span tag _ when _ that content is inline with other _ unstyled _ content makes sense, but it seems to me that if the highlighted text is already surrounded by a tag, like div, strong, em, h1 etc, that the class (custom style) would get applied to that tag, instead of adding a span.

Basically when I highlight some text, select h1, then Box 1, I end up with:

# Headline

Where my desired result would be:

# Headline

I don’t want span s added, when avoidable. This would add a bit of extra intelligence to the rich text editor.

I agree 100%. I created our site design outside of percusssion using html and css then created the templates for percussion and dropped in our css. The headaches began when trying to allow content creators to add an existing style class to and element such as an unordered list. The design called for a class on the ul tag which would style the list. Not happening in the RTE. You get a span tag with the class attribute wrapped around the li elements instead. Not only is it semantically incorrect it’s just plain icky. One can mangle the css to make the styles apply but it’s just the wrong way to do it. I’ve had discussions with the percussion team about leveraging the configuration options in the TinyMCE editor but no joy as yet. I think adding a user configuration file would go a long way toward fixing many of the complaints with the RTE.