Make Landing Page menu item

I know there is (because I’ve seen it long ago) code to make a right-click menu item which allows a user to select a content item as the landing page for its folder.

I think I saw it on 5.7, I wondered if anyone has easily packagable code to do this for 6.6 or 6.7?


Hey Andrew,

I’m sure Anthony Sullivan told me about something similar which was a PSO Tool. :o)



This is something that would be very useful. So if anyone comes up with a solution we would be interested

For what it’s worth, I’ve taken do using content items with system titles that match the folder name as the landing page for the folder. It’s not an actual relationship, per se, but it gets the job done.

I’ve formulated a way which should work. It involves an action menu writing to a dummy table the folderid, intended landing page id, landing page slot id and landing page variantid.

The action menu command fires an update query resource which writes its values to this table.

In turn, the table has a trigger in which I intend to check whether a landing page relationship already exists and, if so, updates it with the new landing page id. If it doesn’t exist, it will insert the slot relationship.

I think this will work, just need to complete setting it up.

It works as described above. If anyone wants this please contact me directly. It may not be very pretty right now but it definitely works.

It actually definitely didn’t work.

But I now have a deployable right-click > set as landing page application and action menu combo without triggers or database tomfoolery which does work. :smiley:

A 6.7 installer package is available in this postfor right-click > set as landing page.