Make older (but critical) downloads easier to find

I doubt I’m the only one who doesn’t jump on every new update as soon as they’re available – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” after all.

Could you make older versions of the product, especially critical upgrade steps (e.g., most recently, 2.10), more easily findable? Links are buried in a chat thread.


Hi Todd,

One of the main reasons we don’t (currently) link to older install files on our Help site is so that customers will reach out to us directly for these files, and in doing so, give us an opportunity to review their planned upgrades paths. The reason for wanting to do this is because – as in cases such as yours, with your manual deployment of the DTS Tomcat – there may be special considerations based on how these older customer’s environments were implemented that we want to stay ahead of.

That said, based on your feedback, we realized that this intention of corralling older customers looking to upgrade through support was not clearly stated, and the omission might have just added to the confusion. We have updated our relevant documentation to communicate this goal more clearly. Thanks for the helpful feedback!

The release notes for each release and patch can be found here:

Release Notes History