Managed links in custom widget

We use a lot of custom widgets to create special box-like image links called we call “pods”. It would be great if we could add managed links to custom widgets, so that our pod links always point to the proper location, even if a page location changes.

If, for example, when adding fields to a custom widget, there was a new field type called “Link” that you could choose instead of the current Text, Image, Date, Rich Text, and Textarea options, that would be great. Then, in the display code for the widget, you could include $MyLink_url in the HREF attribute of any link, just as you can use $MyImage_path in SRC attributes. When an editor fills out this field, he or she could be presented with the link editing dialog from the Rich Text Widget, allowing him or her to browse for the desired location. Then the link could be managed.

Another option might be allowing the perc-managed attribute to be used in custom widget display code, not just in HTML widgets.