managed nav how to?

Can anyone point me to a thorough How To/Tutorial for using managed navigation? I’m trying to get some basic breadcrumbs working on my site, and though I can get them partially working when I preview pages (the breadcrumb shows "Root > Dir1 > Dir2 ", but I can’t get it to them append the name of my page itself), there is never any output at all in my published HTML (the entire div which I call in via the rffNav slot is omitted).

As I’m digging into the issue, I’m thinking that I am fundamentally missing something; all the navon content_items are in a Public state, so that’s not the issue. I have the Implementation Guide, but it isn’t helping me get to the bottom of the problem. And I don’t understand why previews != published HTML with regard to the breadcrumbs … everything else in Preview is represented in HTML. It’s making me nuts.

I know this is a little vague, but if anyone is familiar with good managed navigation resources, please let me know.


Re: appending the name of the present page - very often this is implemented by simply calling your (unlinked) title field, and appending it to your breadcrumbs, given that most often your item will not be represented in navigation.

Re: your breadcrumbs rendering in preview but not publish context - double-check the publishable status of all your Navons, as well as the NavTree in your site root.

Thanks … everything is in a public state. I think there is something else at play. I will keep looking.

When I just append the title of my content item, it for some reason displays the name of the parent_folder. So, I add ‘#field(“displaytitle”)’ in an LI element but rather than displaying the content_item’s title, it displays the parent folder name. Very strange. It does the same if I try “$sys.item.getProperty(‘displaytitle’).String”.

It’s pulling the “displaytitle” from the navon, because you’re still in the loop or section of code running on the node-as-item.

Try appending the displaytitle on your page or global template just after your nav slot and work from there.

Thanks – that makes sense. Pulling it outside the slot call (#field(‘displaytitle’) solves that issue.

I’m still unable to figure out why it only displays when I’m previewing, so if you have any thoughts on that, please let me know. I’ll keep trying.

Thanks for your help.