Manually enter SQL for xml application

We need to fill drop down control dynamically depending on the locale. Till date we have using the ‘Where table’ to lookup values but a specific requirement and the complexity involved has pushed us toward using the other option ‘Manually enter sql’ to look up data.

We are having trouble creating this sql to dynamically look up data based on the locale. Here is what we are doing

Select * from ProgramSubTopic join Locale on ProgramSubTopic.LocaleKey = Locale.LocaleKey where Locale.LocaleName = sys_lang

Here sys_lang is the dynamic parameter. In using the Where table, we had the value as PSXSingleHtmlParameter/sys_lang.

I didn’t find anything in documentation. What am I missing here?


where Locale.LocaleName = ‘:“PSXParam/sys_lang”’

That worked, thanks. Whats the best resource for such technical questions?

I am running into the same issue again. I have created a new xml application and my query looks like

Select * from vw_GetListForRhythmyx where CMS_LocaleName = ‘:“PSXParam/sys_lang”’ OR JavaStandardLocaleName = ‘:“PSXParam/sys_lang”’
It does not return anything. Is there a way to debug this to see what’s the values for PSXParam/sys_lang

When I change it the query to Select * from vw_GetListForRhythmyx where CMS_LocaleName = ‘en-us’ OR JavaStandardLocaleName = ‘en-us’ it works well

I have used this in a similar way in another xml application and it worked well but not with this new one. Am I missing something here ?