Manually resetting publishing status


Our contributors periodically use illegal characters to name their folders/documents. Rx somehow marks these items as published (although FTP cannot create a location). Now I have a problem where Unpublish list containing these items returns errors (“path cannot be found”). How would I manually change the status of these items to Unpublished?


P.S. Using Rx 6.0


We had this issue a couple of time since we have a French site.
You can go in the table RXSITEITEMS and find the records of your Unpublish that are in error and change the field PUBSTATUS to “success”.

If that don’t work, you can also delete all the records of the table RXSITEITEMS. This will reset all your publishing.



The information about what is published is in the RXSITEITEMS table.

If you want to “reset” the items, find the rows that correspond to that item and update the PUBOPERATION and PUBSTATUS columns.

This table is keyed by SITEID, CONTENTID, CONTEXT, VARIANTID (e.g. template id) and LOCATION. If there is more than one publishable template, or more than one context, there may be more than one row.

I hope this helps.


THank you guys.