Mass updates of content data stored in Rhythmyx

Has anyone gone through the process of doing mass updates of content data stored in Rhythmyx CMS?

Here’s an example …

We have hundreds of content items where a field contains a trademark symbol (&#8482) that we want to remove.

We can manually go into each content item, edit, preview & publish … or we can look at ways of automating it.

Has anyone done anything similar?

My thoughts… if I could run a quick update statement on the database that fixes it then I would, but I’d be very very careful and test this out beforehand (and make sure I’ve got backups)*

The ‘proper’ way would I imagine to write some custom code that uses web services to edit the content items in question and update the fields there, then check-in, transition, etc. etc.

  • just covering myself here for when tech support read this message :wink:

We have a similar situation where users had created hundreds of items with ‘font-size:x-small’ and other local formatting scattered everywhere, and then wanted us to fix things so that all of the pages displayed a consistent font size.

We put this in the page tempate instead of the Body field:

#set ($origBody = $sys.item.getProperty(‘Body’).String)

##This is to clean out all font size formatting from Body fields.

$origBody.replaceAll(“font-size: x-small;”, " ").replaceAll(“font-family: Verdana;”, " “).replaceAll(” size=“2"”, " ")

bingo, all gone. Still there if we should ever need it back though.