Mass Workflow Reset

We’ve got a huge section of our site requiring some contributors to come in and make changes via workflows. The problem is these pages are in an approved status. Is there any way to reset their workflow status en mass so that it changes to “Draft.” This is the only state it can be in for contributors to take it up the chain again.

Thanks for any suggestions you might have on this.

Any suggestions for this question?

Since there is no way to make mass changes to all your pages, I believe the best solution for you will be to give contributors ‘resubmit’ permissions on approved pages in the workflow.

As Jeff mentioned, there is no option to change the workflow of multiple items at once, other than to Approve items using the Pages or Assets by Status gadget. 

To modify the workflow for Contributors to edit Live pages, go to the Workflow section of Percussion, select the workflow that manages the pages / folders you need to update (if there is more than one workflow), and click on the wrench icon for “Approved”.  Here you can check “Resubmit” for the Contributors.  Now when a Contributor edits a page in a Pending/Live status, they will have the Resubmit option available; Resubmitting a page changes its status to Draft mode.