Menu Bar in Content Editor

Two things, related to each other.

  1. Add the Update/Insert (aka Save) and Close buttons as links in the same bar as the Content and Properties links, and then

  2. make that bar “scroll” with the user using something like position:fixed, so that it is always at the user’s disposal, no matter where they are in the form.

It is not a big deal, but to be able to make a change at the top of the form and not have to scroll all the way to the bottom to save it would be great from a user experience perspective.

On another thread, several (okay, two of us) suggested that Update and Close could be the same button - that most of the time, when we update, we don’t want to update anymore, and would rather close too.

Yeah, I had thought of that as well, though it could be annoying for any user who is writing a novel and wants to save along the way.

The right solution is probably to continue to have two buttons - A “Save” button, and a “Save and Close” button.

While on the topic, does anyone (your users) use keyboard shortcuts for this type of thing?

For example, I got into the habit long ago of hitting CTRL-S every few minutes when working in any sort of editor. That would do just a SAVE but not a close. I don’t believe those are supported today either.

Also an area we’re looking at is the consistency of the labels on these things within Rhythmyx and relative to other editing environments and tools. Insert, update vs. “save” etc.

I miss Ctrl+S in the Content Editor, and I know plenty of our users are keyboard shortcut users. Unfortunately, you’ll have a consistency problem if you introduce it because Ctrl+S in the Content Explorer runs the search (and Ctrl+B displays About!)


Another button that would be a good addition to the Content Editor would be one called something like “Save and Return to Public” - obviously only displayed if the Content Editor was launched via the Quick Edit right-click menu option from Content Explorer.