Missing Files

It was reported to me that there are files missing from a specific folder in our system. The folder is still there, however, the PDFS are no longer in the folder. I located the file names, did searches to ensure they were not moved but are not in the system.

Just a note that the Editor has backup of the files so I’m putting them in the system now.

Hi Debbie,

Disclaimer:  This is just my personal experience with this so far.

So are the files showing up on your web server but not in Percussion?  Have you checked the logs to see if they were deleted by the user.  I had someone the other day swear up and down that they did not delete the items on their website but after some investigation, it turned out that they had deleted them.

Like I said, this is just my personal experience when people tell me things are “missing”.


We need Trash folder to recover it.

I mean other enterprise competitors have this feature for users and admins to bring back their files and if they are not in XX days then they are deleted FORRREEEEVVVVEEERRR.

Not really sure. This content editor is pretty savvy but did indicate to me a few minutes ago they were trying to delete a (one) file.  

Because of users deleting files by accident, or deciding they want them later on, I have users open a ticket to request an Archival of the file/page by the Webmaster (me).  I then create a folder in either their Assets or Sites > archive the item > then move it to this folder for a period of 3 months.  I make a Task reminder in Outlook to remove it.

So they have 3 months to change their minds and can see the items in the folder.  Only a few have asked for the file back. When the item is due for deletion, I give them a heads up 1 work week prior to removing it.

Once I implemented this, I found less accidental deletions. 

Hi Guys,

This feature is planned but we don’t currently have a schedule for it yet.  The Recycled Bin feature is tracking here: