Missing links between content items

We are using the Inline Link slot to add links to other content items into the body of a content item. But we’ve noticed an interesting oddity related to the order in which those content items get published.

Let’s say we have two pages; Page A and Page B. Page A contains a link to Page B. If we publish Page A before we publish Page B, the link disappears. After noticing this, I realized this is probably expected behavior; Rhythmyx hides content that isn’t there in other slots, so it makes sense that it would in the Inline Link slot as well.

We can “correct” this by being careful to publish Page B before we publish Page A. That works for most situations.

The exception is if you have a “loop”. Let’s say we have three pages now; Page A, Page B, and Page C. Page A has a link to Page B, Page B has a link to Page C, and Page C has a link to Page A. In that scenario, there’s no order that doesn’t leave some page being published before the page that it links to. So to make this work, I need to publish Page A, Page B, Page C, and then republish Page A.

Our workflow is set up such that it does an incremental publish when a content item is transitioned to a publishable state. I think if I changed that to a full publish, so that Page A gets republished when Page C gets published, this problem would be “fixed”. But I’d prefer not to have to do a full publish every time, as that would also republish things that don’t need a republish.

Is there a way to modify the Inline Link slot so that if Page B is in a publishable state and gets published, then anything that links to Page B that is in a publishable state will also get republished - so that the links show up? I’m guessing this has something to do with the relationship type set on the slot, but I haven’t been able to find a good description of what each relationship type means to feel comfortable trying them out.

Hi Elizabeth

I’m not sure this is the expected behaviour. Are all content items are in a publishable state? Can you check the workflow on all items and check that the “publish” state is publishable?


Which Item Filter / AuthType are you using ? This is not the expected behavior if you are using “All Public Content” (which is what you should be using).

Right now we’re just looking at this stuff on our staging publish location. We haven’t pushed things to the public location yet. So the item filter is ‘staging’ and the Associated Auth Type is All Content.