Mistake on "Control Properties Editor, Control Tab" page

This page in the online help (i.e. when you press F1 in Workbench) contains the following:

Allow inline links - Allows inline links in a field that uses the sys_EditLive or sys_EditBox control.

We’ve just had a problem diagnosed for us by Percussion UK Technical Support, which was traced to the Allow inline links checkbox being ticked for a field whose control type is sys_EditBox. Hence I believe the above to be incorrect, and sys_EditBox controls cannot allow inline links. (For future reference, this resulted in a Content is not allowed in prolog.: {1} error when attempting to save an item on this type using the Content Editor.)

This option is not directly documented in the PDF manuals.


We retested this configuration. It does not work any longer, and Percussion Software no longer considers it a supported configuration.

The documentation has been modified accordingly. The modified content will be included in the new release of the product.