Move Option for Finder items

This idea, or a form of it, was requested over a year ago and a Percussion employee even indicated it was added as a feature request internally.

I responded over 6 months ago asking about it, yet never got a reply, so I’m starting a new idea topic on it.

Definitely need a “Move” option for any Finder items, but I’ll take it for assets only if that’s more doable. It could go under the gear icon potentially and enable one to move an item / asset in in the Finder to another folder. As far as I’m aware, one has to solely use drag and drop right now to accomplish that. In our situation that’s hardly efficient (not to mention not doable for our automated scripts we’re using for automation of CM1 functions).

In addition, I’ve seen request for multi-selection of Finder items. To piggy back on that, would definitely want the Move option to handle multi-selected items and folders with any content beneath them. I’d image it would simply bring up a dialog with the file tree structure for assets and let you select the new location (this functionality I think already exists for widgets or such) so I can’t even it would take long to implement this idea request.

this would definitely be high on our priority least of things we’d like to see.



I can understand your frustration in wanting a specific enhancement delivered, but I’m sure you can understand we’re always trying to balance a lot of different requests for enhancement. We’re not ignoring old requests. I can tell you that we are looking at overhauling the Finder as part of a larger UI redesign. You’ve seen some of the prototypes of the design. I understand the need for more batch transactions such as moves and assure you we’re keeping that in mind. 

Dan, any frustration is not due to a request not getting delivered, it is due to not having any kind of response or update for over 6 months…,

Maybe at the very least you guys could make some rounds ever so often through the idea request and give an update of some kind or another, so at least we know the request didn’t end up in some black hole.