MSM and Site(s) Visibility


After using MSM to transfer new Rx elements, I noticed how Sites visibility of my new templates didn’t transfer. Can’t remember seeing anything about it while creating an archive. (Archive created in Custom mode, recently posted MSM order was observed.) Where did I go wrong? Thanks…

You need to package and transfer the Site as well - the Site-Template association is included with the Site, not the Template.

Even if I’m doing an update only? Would that clobber some other relationships?

You say it’s an update only, but your first post said “transfer new Rx elements” - I assumed that meant the templates were being newly installed on the target server, not updated.

If that’s the case, then you do need to transfer the site as well, even if the site already exists on the target server. Even if you’ve already transfered the templates, you’ll now need to transfer the site to get the associations installed.

This will replace all of the site-template associations on the target server to match what they are on the source server. However if there is an association from the site to a template that has not yet been installed on the target server, that association is ignored during installation (although I believe you’ll still get a validation warning during installation).