Multi select assets or pages in finder

If I create a new folder, and want to move existing pages or assets into it, I have to drag every item one at a time.

Multi select on assets and pages would be very useful to drag and drop to change folder location.

We have added a feature request for this functionality. This would be a great addition to CM1 Finder functionality.

The ability to move/delete more than one item(assets mainly) at a time would be very very helpful.

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Bulk Move, Copy, Delete..

was this ever implemented? doesn’t look so, as I can’t multi-select assets in the finder.

I agree with Paul. It’s taking very long for a feature as important as this.

I assume it is because of how they link assets through a database and keep track of them.
If you browse to an asset for a hyperlink and then move the asset, CM1 will know where that asset has moved to and you will not have to readjust your hyperlink because CM1 does it for you.
I assume when you move 1 it’s a pretty easy code change to pass to the database. When you move 20 items(unless you move the entire folder) you would have to rewrite the code for those items plus where they are linked from.
This is still a grand idea but I assume that is why it is taking so long.


This is a really important feature and needs to happen.

Not sure why this is taking too long. I have over 200+ files needed to move at once but this will be super time consuming ever…

I agree that this needs to happen. I have a huge site to maintain, and it would take days to move some of our assets to different folders. Along the same topic, why can we not copy directory or asset folders in CM?

seriously, why has this not been implemented yet? I’m having to move 20+ folders manually right now from one asset folder to another – if we could multi select I’d been done with it in 10 seconds…

Again another year old idea request that makes perfectly logical sense to have, going unimplemented.