Multi value property sporadically appears empty.

I have several content items with a multi value property that is used to store a list of strings. Randomly this data will not show up for certain content items in both an AA template and an XML page template. The data is visible in the content item’s form and in the database so I know it is there, but for some reason the system won’t think any data is there. Our AA template uses Velocity that looks like:

#set($dataList= $user.psoListTools.asList($sys.item.getProperty(“myfield”).getValues()))

Our XML templates use JEXL that do something similar in Java:

final List<String> valuesList = new ArrayList<String>();
Property value = contentNode.getProperty(“myfield”);
final Value[] values = property.getValues();
for (final Value value : values) {

In either case the call to getProperty returns a property object that contains no values: com.percussion.utils.jsr170.PSMultiProperty@2b53fd[name=rx:logic,value={}] and the list will end up having a size of zero.

Strangely, if I open one of the content items that is displaying this behavior and click the “Update” button without making changes, the system will snap out of it and start displaying the data correctly. Unfortunately it keeps randomly happening to different content items and is causing chaos for the content authors.

Does anyone know what the problem might be? Thanks!