Multiple Workflow Actions on a transition

I need to attach a custom Workflow Action to the “Direct to Public” transition (from Draft to Public). I have other transitions I need to attach the workflow action but I’ll use this one as the example. This transition already has the sys_TouchParentItems workflow action defined. Is there a way to assign multiple workflow actions to a transition?

If not, is the recommended solution to create an additional state between Draft and Public with an absolute aging transition assigned between Pending and Public:

Draft > (New) Pending > Public

Draft-to-Pending: assign my custom Workflow Action (manual transition)
Pending-to-Public: assign the sys_TouchParentItems Worfkflow Action (absolute aging transition)

There is a Workflow Action Dispatcher in the PSO Toolkit that handles this problem.

The setup is described in the readme file that comes with the toolkit.

I have the toolkit installed, build.number=53.

The readme.txt says that there should be a file in the rxconfig/workflow folder. I don’t have a

I’ve searched the whole Rx tree with no results. What did I miss? Do I have to build my own, if so is there documentation on how to do so?