My Pages Needs Additional Columns

The “My Pages” for bookmarking pages is very helpful, but I suggest adding the Display Title and/or the finder folder path to the list of columns. We’ll have a lot of pages with file names of “index” so if one bookmarks two pages with the same name, there’s no way of knowing which is which without double clicking on them in the “My Pages” list.


Hey Paul,

When you single click on a page in your “My Pages” menu, the full path to that page appears in the CM1 address bar. While this doesn’t give you the visual overview you’re talking about, this should help you sort out which “index” page is which.

Yes, we could use this in the meantime to differentiate. Thanks for pointing it out…

Though I don’t believe it’d take much time for you guys to add in my suggested columns. And Rather than add a full path column, just list the pages’ immediate parent section.

Yep, I still think this is a valid idea. I just wanted to make sure you were aware of that behavior, which should help you for now.

The Home Screen introduced in 4.5 makes this process simpler. The bookmarks section shows the same items as ‘My Pages’ but includes a pop up when you hover over an item with expanded details. I’ll treat this Idea as requesting that the folder path be displayed as a column by default, or allow customization of which columns are displayed.