Nav slots not pulling through on global template

Hi, i have created a top navigation snippet that i have then pulled into a global template. I can preview the nav snippet on its own but when i preview a page there is no navigation attached. I think i am missing a step with the nav slot as my simple slots on the template work without any problems. Any ideas?

Hi Lisa

If you require a standard navigation slot with no additional paramaters you use:

#slot(“rffNav” “” “” “” “” “template=templateName”)

I hope this helps.



Thanks. I have the following:

#slot(“rffnav” “” “” “” “” “template=rffSnNavTop”)

The preview is allowed for the community and i can preview the nav snippet on its own by right clicking the navon. The global template just doesnt seem to want to pull any nav slots in?

Also i have just tried adding that nav slot to a different global template and it worked. Think i may be missing something with the global template setup?

Are there other elements in the global template other than the navigation and, if so, are they appearing when you preview the page?

yes - the local content ()inner and the simple slots seem to be fine

Finally figured out the it wa one of my bindings that was causing the problem. I was using $nav to bind a nav.css stylesheet. Changing the variable name to $prinav fixed it.