Nav widget levels relative to parent file

Hi guys,

Just had an idea (maybe this allready exsists?) It would be great if it were possible to set the nav widget levels to be relative to a set parent folder.

In my site I have ened up creating a massive amount of templates. Almost 200, way to many and I have created a maintance issue for myself.

The reason I did this was mostly due to the Nav widget levels. I created a template per section of my site, so that if I ever move a section of the site and its new location ends up on a different level, I can just go change the nav level on that spefcic template to get it to update. This way because the template is speific to the section of the web, I know I’m not breacking anything else. (as we are reorganising the site this has happened a few times)

I also put the nav on the template so I could lock it down from my users, so they can’t accidentaly delete it.

Anyway now when I want to add a new region to all my templates, I have to go back into all of them, and it takes forever.

The other option that would be cool is if you could have certain parent regions that could inherit from a master template. So for example say my header region could be on a master template, and then if I added any extra regions to that header region, from the master template, lower level templates would reflect the new regions. So they would inherit from the master template, both regions and template level content.

Just an idea. There are probbalby better ways to manage things then what I have got. I guess its a fine balance between customiszation per section and centralizsation of code.

I really did try to create as few of templates as nessary and I still ended up with a wack of them. My site is bigger.

Later I’ll reasess and see if I can consolidate things a bit. Maybe make templates by parent section and levels instead of sections, and sub sections.

Any way just thought I’d share =)


That does sound like an unwieldy number of templates. There are a number of CSS tricks you can use to make it so that one pre-configured Nav widget on one template will only display content relative to your site visitor’s current location. There’s a blog post here that outlines one of these ways, which you may find useful:…

However, we are always looking for ways to improve the Nav widget, so thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.