Navigation Widget Javascript issue

We here at Gardner-Webb University have been experiencing an issue with the Navigation widget as of late. Whenever we drop in the navigation widget and set the levels and the type to Vertical, the page will refresh but we have to either enable or disable Javascript in Percussion to see the result because the Layout View will just lock up and not showing anything below our header. Then if we realize we made a mistake and need to change the navigation widget’s options, after we make those changes, we have to once again disable or enable Javascript.

This didn’t happen when we started using Percussion several months ago, but it seems to be an issue that has popped up in the last few weeks. We are one version behind of the most up-to-date version of Percussion. Has the issue we’re having been reported by anyone else and is there a solution or fix in the works yet? Thank you for your time.

Hi Michael,

Because CM1’s user interface is JavaScript based, when you include your own JS code on your pages, it is not uncommon to have to disable JavaScript while working in the Content tab and, more often, the Layout tab in order to modify your content and layout without any interface issues.

In cases such as these, you will want to use the live preview feature in CM1 to review any changes you are making. You can do this by hovering over View and selecting Preview (alternately, you can hit the page link or the blue eyeball icon in the toolbar when the page is selected in the Finder).

Do you have firebug in FireFox? If so, preview the page and look on the Console. See if you have a reference to $("ul.sf-menu").superfish is not a function

If so, can you post up the version you are on? Click on the “?” icon in the upper right and click About. It should give you the release info.

Not seeing that in the console. And we’re on version 2.10.

The problem isn’t so much a change viewing issue. Design changes actually force us out of the Layout tab whether Disable JavaScript is chosen or not. This slows down the process of making several changes (for example, adding a region, then a widget to that region would each require a save and re-entry into the Layout tab).

The JavaScript we use for these designs are absolutely necessary. Is there not another way of including these files without conflicting with Percussion?


So even with JavaScript disabled, adding a region will essentially break your layout view (lock up the window and not show content beyond the header), correct? As a test, can you check and see if removing all of your page’s (or template’s) Additional Code from the three code insertion points in the meta-data fixes this issue? I just want to see if we can isolate this behavior as being triggered by something added to your template, and not a symptom of a larger system issue.

I did as such today with a template that was really giving us problems. Adding, deleting, and moving a region would lock the screen up and force us back. Not only that, but we’d enter the Layout tab to find that no changes had taken effect, essentially halting all work on the template.

This after removing all JavaScript from metadata. I’ve tried on the latest version of Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Running out of things to try at this point.

I tried copying the template, too, with no luck. This is a template with zero JavaScript attached, and the Disable JavaScript option selected. Why is it locking us up like this?

This error pops up on the template when I click on the blue exclamation point in the template: “1. JavaScript error – Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL”

Hi Matt,

Thanks for trying out those suggestions. My recommendation at this point to to take this issue offline and create a support ticket, so an analyst can do additional troubleshooting. You should be receiving an email notification shortly.


Thanks, Jon.

For other customers with similar problems working in CM1’s Layout tab, we were able to resolve this issue by simply cleaning up some invalid closing tags in one of their HTML widgets. Because the CM1 UI performs some intensive dynamic modifications of how content displays while working in the Layout tab, it can be susceptible to issues with both outside JavaScript code, or – as in Matt’s case – minor errors in included HTML code.