navons and community

hi all

whenever i create a new folder, regardless of the community, the navon always belongs to the Admin community.

does anybody know how i can ensure that whichever community creates the folder also owns the navon. alternatively, how do you set a different community to own the navons for a particular site.


The community of the new navon propagates from its parent. Change your navtree’s community from administrator to your desired community before you start creating sub-folders. All child navons will have the same community as the navtree. --Be very carefull with allowing non-admins to edit navons, I have found that end-users do all sorts of crazy things that will break the integrity of your navigation tree.

hope this helps.

thanks but i’m not sure this is correct.

in one of my sites the NavTree is Admin community but for any folders created under that, the navons are created within the community that created the folder - I have just checked this with my users as your reply did seem to make sense but i was sure it wasn’t the case as I don’t get calls from my users asking me to set up the navigation - which i would do if all navons were in my community.

So to summarise:

NavTree = Admin Community
Lower level navons = Marketing Admin Community
Any new folders created - navons = Marketing Admin Community

I have no idea how i got this to work, but i need to make it work for my new site. I don’t want to give NavTree control to the users if I can help it - I certainly haven’t done this for my existing site.

would appreciate any help


Yes, isn’t it notoriously difficult to change the Community for any content item once it’s created? (You can do it in the database). In a test I just did, the new Navon that was propagated into a new folder had the same community as the Navtree - which was not the community I was logged into, which was the community of the site folder. The new folder, however, belonged to the specific community of the site folder, instead of the default “All Communities”. A new content item (a Brief) also belonged to the site folder community.

hi and thanks

your response seems to suggest that navon community is determined by navtree community - which appears to be what is happening with my new site.

however, this is not what happens with my existing site. navons are owned by the community creating the folder which is different to navtree owner. I need to replicate this in my new site but as mentioned have no idea how i got this to work.

Can anyone help please.



In 5.7 (and 6.x), any Navons that are created automatically by the NavFolderEffect will have the community of the Navon that is directly above them in the tree. I checked the source code, and there is no way to disable this behaviour in 5.x.

This means that any Navons that are there because you created a subfolder underneath a folder that already contained a Navon will have the community of the Navon directly above in the tree.

On the other hand, if you create a Navon (NOT a NavTree) in a folder where the parent folder does not already have a Navon, the Navon will be created in the current login community.

I have not tried this, but you might be able to create a navon this way (in a new folder not in your site) and then “Drag and Drop” the folder into your site folder. This will create the “link” between the Navon or NavTree in the parent folder and the Navon in the folder that you dragged in, but it won’t change the community of the Navon.

You can also try dragging Navons into a folder, which will also “connect” them to the tree, but won’t change the community.

I’m not sure why you need the Navon to be in the community of the folder. I can understand wanting to minimize admin load, but the changes that these user make (to their Navons) have an effect throughout the whole website. That’s why we originally separated the Navons into the Admin community.


thanks for this

i have now solved my problem. so i can leave my navtree with admin community and enable lower level navons to be owned by community creating folder.

if anyone is interested in knowing how I achieved this, I can post it here.


Hi Michelle

I’d be interested in hearing how you solved your problem of navons being created in the admin community. I would ideally like navons to be created in the community I’m currently logged into.



Was there a solution to this?