Need for Calculator Widget - does it add up?

Our college, like others, is required to have a net price calculator prominently displayed on our site. We use the free FASFA one. But other schools have paid $ for outside companies to create a custom calculator. These are really pricey. Is there a widget we can use to accomplish this on our own? Thx!

Kyle and I were brainstorming on this last night. Currently, we suggest our customers to use FAFSA’s net price calculator templates and drop it in using the HTML Widget. We were discussing the possibility of submitting a feature request for a widget that may allow users to build their own Net Price Calculator forms or even the calculator itself using the CM1 UI. This can be a good topic here in the community that we can start having some conversations on.

Good recommendation Kemal. Kyle, I’ve changed this topic into an “idea” to make sure it reaches the right eyes. I agree that a calculator widget could be a very useful feature for a future release.