New community setup error

I have a requirement to setup a new community for a new site. I copied one of the existing community in the workbench, and named it to the new community. However, when I log in from the content explorer to the new community, it gives me the error message: “No display formats found for folders”

Has anyone experienced this kind of error?


I did setup both the Active Assembly and the the preview for the new site…
Not sure what other display formats we need to setup to create a new community. Does anyone has faced any problem while setting up a new community…

You may reach out to Technical Support since they would be able to replicate the problem from an existing environment copy.

Sure…will try to check with the client about it…
But normally, when we have a need to create a new community for existing sites, all that we do is just do a copy/ paste of one of the existing sites and update what is visible in the community…Is there anything else we need to do?

As a result of this, any of the existing sites that have a visibility of All communities should now become available in the new community…Correct or I am missing some big thing?


From the “Security Design” WorkBench perspective I created a copy of an existing “Community,” updated Roles, and logged out of my current Context Explorer session. Upon logging into the new Community everything worked as expected.

Are you getting any errors within the server.log? If so, can you paste the [ERROR] line reporting “No display formats found for folders”?

Issue was resolved by re-compiling the repository database views to the correct schema.


How did you identify that the repository database views needed to be re-compiled to the correct schema, and how did you perform the re-compile?

The design objects were correctly associated/visible to the respective community in the workbench. These ACLs are saved in the repository database.
The CX applet pulls these acls from system database views. So, we performed a select statement on the following views to verify the acls, it returned an error: PSX_DISPLAYFORMATPROPERTY_VIEW and PSX_COMMUNITY_PERMISSION_VIEW.
After looking at the view ddl, we noticed that the database schema was pointing to the old schema rather than the new one. To recompile: update the schema name in the ddl for each database views and compile/commit for oracle; or save for sql server.

Thank you for providing clarification.