New Features Needed

Over the past few months I’ve compiled a list of features that would be nice in the Percussion.

User Management/Rights

  1. Ability to show only certain files/folders to users. They don’t need to see things they don’t have access to unless they are using the hyperlink browser.

  2. Ability to limit a users access to certain templates. Not every user needs to be able to access the templates.

  3. Ability to limit what menu items users see when they are editing their page(s).

Overall Software

  1. Ability to change the hotlinks at the top of the page. For admins, it’s great to have those links but it would be nice if Admins could specify other links for their users to go to. We have a style guide that we ask our users to consult when they do any changes and having that link at the top for them instead of “CM1 Community” or “Help” would be nice.

  2. Ability for admins to send site wide notifications to users about maintenance.

  3. Ability for admins to see who is all logged in.

  4. Ability to change the display name next to welcome. I know this is trivial but some people’s names get really long and it would be nice to just say “Welcome, Matt”.

I’m sure there will be more for me to add to this so as I come up with them I will definitely add them to the list.


The feedback is much appreciated. It would be very helpful if you could create separate ideas for these. One of the benefits of the community is that we encourage people to vote for ideas to give us a sense of what ideas resonate across customers and that we can flag when we are working on something.  If you look at the list of the most voted on ideas we have resolved a large portion of them.  While this post gives us some great ideas its hard for others to vote on it and it will be difficult for me to ever mark this idea as something that we are working on or that is done because it is comprised of so many parts.  

Items 1 & 2 from your list above already exist as ideas in the community, so I would encourage voting for those.  I also believe that item 2 in the second list exists as an idea as well.