New Rhythmyx 7.3.2 Patch Update is Available

A new patch is available for Rhythmyx 7.3.2. This patch includes Log4j security updates and several other defect corrections / updates. The patch may be downloaded from the support portal.

The release notes / change log can be found on the help site.


I have a bit of an elementary question on the version properties file for 7.3.2. The “buildDate” within the “” file, the date is “2022-01-07”. Is that the date that the patch was built by percussion?


For version 7.3.2:

The patch id is in the optional id field and is typically created when a patch is started. That date range can differ based on when the release version of the patch is finally through QA and a release version of the patch is cut.

For example:


buildDate is the date that the release version of the patch was manufactured.

buildDate=2021-01-28 19\:12\:04

So for patch with id 732_20210127 the patch was started on 2021-01-27 and the release kit was built on 2021-01-28.

Bigger patches may have more space between the start date and the release build date.


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