New snippet template not associated with its content type after MSM

I have a new snippet template that is under an existing content type. After MSM the template successfully, I tried to do a preview to test it, but got an error saying the template was not found.
In the Workbench, the template was found under Assembly Design -> Template -> Type Specific, but not under Content Design -> Content Types …
After I manually copy and paste the template to the desired content type, the error went away.

My question is if we always need to do this manual copy and paste step after MSM a new template without its content type? Or there are other workaround?


You need to take over (package in msm) the content type (and the new template of course) whenever you add a new template to an existing content type…not sure if that is documented anywhere…This preserves the template to content type relationship on the target system.

Thank you.
I was assuming the property of the template would indicate the content type it is associated with, but it looks like it doesn’t.
I’ll try to include the Content Type in the MSM package next time.

This is documented on page 65 of the Rhythmyx_Multi_Server_Manager_Version_6_7.pdf document that you can download under the Documentation section.

Thanks for the documentation note…it has been a while since I searched through the documentation.