New website & updates

I am new to Percussion. Just now watching hte coach videos. I have a couple of questions, Can I build another website while I have a published one, just name it something else? and Do you help with upgrades to this program? ie: The Calendar feature and I see you have a 3.4 update.


Yes, you can create a site while you already have a published site. Cm1 is designed to handle multiple sites. Many of our customers publish and manage multiple sites. Keep in mind that you need a licensing for each site you publish in CM1. If you think you need another site license let us know here and some can contact you.

Also, yes we do help with upgrading. It is a very simple process to upgrade. Any issues that come up you can post here on the community. If you go through our HELP SITE there is documentation on upgrading Cm1

  • Armani

I want to create a new website to what we already have. Our site is not user friendly, so I need to make some changes and would prefer not to do it live.

Hi Inga,

Changes that you make to the site within the CMS will not automatically go live. They will go live when a publish is run. Congratulations on the new position. I have your email from the Community Registration and I will be sending you an email shortly. The Customer Success team, myself included, would like to set up a quick orientation with you. Please be on the look out.