Non required fields in widget builder

I think it would be nice if in future builds of the widget builder if we could have the option to mark a field as required or not. I really want to use this new function but everything I want to use it for has fields that I need to be able to mark as not required.

Matt, I would really like to see this functionality as well. Thanks for posting.

I also agree, this is probably my top request for improving the widget builder. Well, this one and an improved label and/or adding of an addition label description box to better instruct contributors on how to use the custom widget fields.

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I have build a custom widget through widget builder.I have 4 fields for this widget. When I add this custom widget to a page and edit the widget, by default all the fileds are mandatory. I am able to save only after entering values to all the fileds. As per my requirement I need to have only two fields as required* and other fields as optional. Can any one please help me in fixing this issue?