notifications question

Rhythmyx 5.71

For reasons I won’t go into here we have hundreds of workflows. Is it possible to turn off notifications altogether? We don’t want anyone notified of anything :slight_smile:

However, without adding dummy notifications to every transition of every workflow state I can’t see how to clean up our console.log so that we can concentrate on actual errors.



No, there’s no “master switch”.

However, you don’t have to add dummy notifications, you can just disable notifications for each role.

Can you not just remove the SMTP_HOST and MAIL_DOMAIN values from the file?


Yes you can, and that will stop any notification messages.

It will not, however, prevent messages in the log, which was the subject of the original question.


Thanks all

we have many many roles as well. Unfortunately we are just finding tha console log swamped by these messages about there being no recipients or that there are no CC fields etc… when we have errors that we want to track.

Sadly lots of workflows coupled to lots of roles = maintenance nightmare :slight_smile:

Where exactly can you disable notifications for a role?

You set this in the State Roles screen (select a workflow state, then click one of the assigned roles). There’s a dropdown that says “Notify” and it has values of “Yes” and “No”.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling especially brave, you can update the table directly:


will disable notifications for all roles across an entire workflow. (Please make a backup first).


Many thanks for that Dave.

Sometimes one just never clicks quite deep enough to find the right screen :slight_smile: