On which server is the most appropriate to install the DTS?

In our development environment we have

  • 1x CM1 Server
  • 1x Web server running IIS
  • 1x SQL server

So on which of CM1 or Web servers should we install the DTS to give the most live-like feeling? Or does it not much matter? I am leaning towards putting it on the CM1 server.

For reference, our production environment will be more like:

  • 1xCM1 Server
  • 1xDTS Server, as publishing target location, running robocopy or similar
  • 2x load-balanced web servers running IIS
  • 1x SQL Server with CM1, DTS and Front-End databases

This feels like a best-practice article waiting to happen (or has it already…)

Hope the question was clear enough!

Hi Oliver,

Yes, a typical configuration would have one DTS server installed on your CM1 server for testing purposes. This can be installed to any location on the CM1 machine, but the recommended installation location would actually be the CM1 root directory (e.g. “C:\Percussion” in Windows, “/home/user_name/Percussion” in Linux). This way, the DTS server start and stops with CM1, and the default local publishing location would not need to be altered.

Obviously, a second production DTS server will need to be configured at a later date, but it seems like you understand that from looking over your production environment outline.

OK. That works for me