Once I copy a page, how do I paste it into a new folder?

I presume that the gear icon (used to copy the highlighted page) would also be used to highlight a folder and then dynamically change the menu to show a paste option.

Turns out that the copy action places a copy in that same folder.

From there, you can drag the copy into a new folder and open / rename / adjust as necessary.

There is a section on Help.Percussion.com about Working with Pages and it has some useful information on how they are handled in Finder. The following link shows how Copying works: http://help.percussion.com/design/wor…

In addition, there is more information on the page handling at http://help.percussion.com/design/wor…

An idea / improvement may be to show the newly copied item when the Finder reloads.

Because the folder I was copying from (and automatically pasting to) had more than 7 items, the newly pasted item was below the “fold” - requiring me to scroll down to notice the new item.

Here’s a shot of the item I want to copy, before I click the Gear --> Copy function.

After I click Copy, here is what the Finder defaults to:

Even the details in the right-most pane show what appears to be the original item that I was trying to copy and not the newly “pasted” item. If this would display the details of test12-copy, that may be a decent indication that the copy took place and the new item exists. As I look closer - this is actually the details of the newly created item, but it doesn’t even give the “test12-copy” in blue text. I understand this to be the item’s Display Title, which is copied from the original, so logically I understand it, but I’m trying to find some way to give the user a better indication that the newly created item has been successfully created.

I guess that part of my mental block is the fact that I’m coming from a Windows operating system background where the copy action puts things to a clipboard, and then there must be a paste function to place the new item into a location.

Maybe another way to do it would be to simply change the “copy” action to say “Duplicate” or “Duplicate in folder”

Just throwing out ideas at this point. Let me know if any of this is unclear and I can provide more details.

I am updating this to an idea instead of a question. It makes sense to have some indicator help you see the new page created by the copy button.