Open Pages from Design view in a new tab

The way you interact with with pages from the Design area needs to be changed.  Currently we have 35 different templates.  I’m going through and migrating pages to new templates but when I click on “Open Page” it opens the page there and once I’m done editing I have to navigate all the way back to Design and then find the template I want again and then start the process over again.

This needs to open the page to “edit” in a new page/tab.

Good Afternoon Matt
Thanks for the post, let me take this up with the team at Percussion and see if this can be addressed.
Thanks again

Are you a new employee for Percussion?

Yes I am the new Customer Success Manager - was hired July 6th I will send you my contact information in the event you need to reach out - great to meet you Matt

Awesome Brendan.  I didn’t mean to come off rude if I did.  Just didn’t recognize the name an you didn’t have the “Official Rep” badge.

Oh I did not think you were rude at all - I just sent you an email with my contact information . I understand about the badge I can see how that can be confusing, I need to have my access updated.