Option to Override Template Level Content at Page Level

One thing I think a lot of Percussion users could benefit from would be the ability to empower content managers to override template-level content at page level. For example you may have a Simple Text widget that reads “Featured Resources” but that title doesn’t make sense on one particular page. Rather than requiring content contributors to memorize the location of the “Featured Resources” shared asset and drag it in each time a page with that template is created, it would be nice if they could simply change it for that page only.

As a matter of permissions and setting up guardrails so people don’t accidentally break the site, perhaps this could be something that people with template-editing permissions could enable or disable for users with lower permissions. So in other words you wouldn’t have lower-permissions content contributors overriding the site logo with something they did in MS Paint.

Hi Keith,

Right now, any changes to a template would affect every page that uses it, so any exceptions like the one you mentioned, would require a new template. Is this something you encounter on a regular basis, or is it an isolated case? The way templates work right now is a core function of CM1, so changing that behavior to allow exceptions on a per-page basis would be a major change to the product.

However, making some changes to the Widget Builder might mean you could achieve the flexibility you are looking for. If you could have a widget on a template that was like the one you have right now, but provided a drop down for users to select ‘Featured Resources’, or a list of other options, would that fit your use case?