Oracle versions

Rx (5.x and 6.x) are certified on Oracle 9i and 10g, but as yet no mention of 11. Our DBAs would like to skip 10g if possible.

Has anyone tried using 11? Any Percussion plans to certify on 11?
(Dave - we talked about this at the usergroup…)

Rhythmyx 6.5.2 has been run on Oracle 11 with no issues found to date. The next general release of Rhythmyx will be certified on Oracle 11

$64,000 question: will Percussion be prepared to support the core product running on Oracle 11, for 5.7 (our current version) and/or 6.5.2?

Oracle 11 will be certified in the next general release of Rhythmyx. If you encounter any issues with Oracle 11 and prior versions of Rhythmyx (e.g. 6.5.2), please contact technical support and they will assist you.