outputting page as snippet without <html> <head> or <body>

Hi there,

has anyone managed to publish include files or snippets without the html tags being forced into them? I have a template without these elements but when published they are forced back in. I want the output to be a php include file. Any ideas appreciated.

I assume that you are trying to edit / create an actual full page template (as opposed to a snippet template)?

Yep thats correct. I have created a page template literally just pulling in the local content.


So… if you say comment that out and just output something else… say the text “hello world” (and have that the only thing on the page template). You are saying that the page on preview will have html tags on it?

(aka. your body field: loc_body doesn’t have html tags on it right?)

Hi, thanks for the response. If i just put ‘hello world’ in it and preview it there are NO html tags, if i then change context to 1 there are NO html tags in it. However, when it is published the html tags are in there - very confusing and i’m not sure where to look to change the publishing output?


Do you have a Global Template assigned to these page templates? We are able to publish RSS feeds through the use of page and snippet templates; therefore, you should be able to do the same. We may need to observe the templates that are being assembled if there isn’t a global template defined.