Overwrite an existing Asset with the Same Name (Not a Copy of the Name)

How do we overwrite existing PDFs using the bulk upload gadget and overwrite existing PDFs maintaining its exact name (no added name characters)? Example test.pdf as test.pdf and not test(1).pdf. We want to upload 100 PDFs that update the existing ones already setup. And, when done, do we need to approve all or does checking the box in the gadget take care of that for us? Are they published with that box checked with the next page or full publish?

Thank you

Hi Diane,

There is no way to update existing assets in bulk using the Bulk Upload gadget – currently this tool can only be used for the creation of new assets. To update an existing File asset, you’ll need to open the asset for editing, select “Choose File”, and browse to the new PDF file, at which point you can save and Approve the updated asset.

Depending on where and how your 100 existing PDFs are being referenced (perhaps in one shared asset or, even better, a File Auto List), it may be easier to upload all of these PDFs as new assets and re-link to them, rather than manually update each PDF.

Thank you Nathaniel. This is helpful for future uploads.

I have the same question mentioned above regarding publishing assets - after approving assets, is there a way to publish them through a page publish, or do we need to go into each asset individually to publish them? Thanks,