Page Notes/Comments!

I think adding an “add notes” or “add comments” 'feature to the page submission button would be useful in CM1.

For example:
If I edit a page and submit it for review , There could be either a check box under the submit button or a window that pops up to leave notes on the page that the user just edited. That way the person who is reviewing the page for approval can read the notes. This would allow users to communicate to each other what changes they made to the page or if they can ask a question or post concern for the user who will review the page.
It would also be useful as a message attached to alert emails that are sent to users as pages go through workflow.

Another benefit to this is being able to add notes to a page is useful just to keep track of what changes you’ve made to a page or need to change on a page.

If it doesn’t already do this, it should! +1