Page Title vs Browser Title not syncing properly after renaming the page

Jan Doe created a new page such as “Doge”. “Doge” text will appear both in “Display Title” (under Page Summary in Metatag dialog) and “Page Title” (under Search Engine Optimization in Metatag dialog.

Jan Doe decided to rename the page from “Doge” to “Grumpy Cat” , it will only update in “Display Title” but not “Page Title” which is a big problematic.

This is very bad especially for SEO. We have a lot of pages that doesn’t match (after they rename it couple of times) and it’s too time consuming to go over each.

When will this be fixed? It’s been like this since the birth of CM1.

There are two solutions I can think of:

One - create a new dashboard gadget (please no extra subscription…) and show a list of Display Title and Page Title in table column. If none matched, have a button say “Match” which will update the Page Title.

Two - or create a backend and show long list of page showing Display Title and Page Title.

Thank you.

Make this as top priority. 

Any progress on this?

Hi Aaron,

We do have this issue slated in our backlog as an improvement request.  I will convert this to an idea as that is how we monitor feature requests.  In case you’d like to keep a reference, the improvement request # is CMS-1713.  Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Awesome sauce! Thank you!!!

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See screenshot attached. 

Every time they changed the page title name, it automatically update the Page Link but not the SEO. Example:

Old page name: Doge

New page name: Grumpy Cat but still show Doge in SEO.

I posted it similar few months back:…