Page variant lookup in console.log


We had Rx 5.7 and we upgrade to Rx 6.1 a couple of months ago. Since then, we have a lot of INFO message in the console.log about Invalid CE field Choice (see attachment).

Can we do something to don’t have those messages, it’s starting to be annoying.



You need to go into the rxs_Support_ce application and look at the request validation for the rxs_PageVariantLookup resource. You should remove the validation for sys_contenttypeid.

Open the mapper for this resource and check off the ‘Return empty Xml’ checkbox in the lower left corner.

Finally, add the sys_EmptyDoc post exit onto the resource.

Save and test your changes by making a query to that resource w/ a valid sys_contenttypeid param and w/o the param.

Thanks for your help. I did the modification and since then, I did not have any of this message in the console.log.
I notice since then that our publication is faster.

Thanks again,