Pages by Status Not Displaying Data After Update

We just completed our update to Version 3.1.6 and the server was restarted and publishing just completed on the WCM.

I cannot get the “Pages by Status” to display any information, regardless of how I toggle it.

What can we do to get it functional again? :slight_smile:

Hi Debbie,

Is the gadget returning “No pages found”, or is it stuck on “Loading”? In either case, just to be safe, please clear your browser’s entire cache, as pieces of the UI can malfunction after upgrading if elements of the old UI are still cached in your browser.

I did this and it’s still showing “No pages found”. We just did the upgrade yesterday, is there any configuration we might of overlooked?

Hi Debbie, if you haven’t already done so, one other quick thing to check is, in the “Select Filters” menu for the gadget, set all off the drop-down select fields to “All”, Search, and Refresh. If this brings back nothing, try setting each field to something specific and searching again.

Still not doing it and I used Firefox and installed Chrome to try it also. Prior to the update, it did work. The version before the update was 2.8.0 and the Server Admin updated to 3.1.6 on Aug 8.

Thanks for trying that, Debbie. I’m going to open a support ticket for this issue so that I can see if any errors relating to this gadget are being logged. Please check your inbox shortly.

Thank you ~