Pages missing structured data markup (from SiteImprove)

I was checking via SiteImprove and came across this issue. Is it something that Percussion can implement this feature unless I’m missing something? Thank you.

About this issue

Structured Data Markup is a way of marking up data that has been converted to HTML code in a way that search engines can understand. Search engines can then use this data to generate “rich snippets” on search results pages, e.g. adding images, review ratings, price, etc. within a search result. Having structured data markup on your pages can greatly boost the visibility of your site in search results.

How to fix it

Start using structured data markup on your site to reap the SEO benefits. While several markup formats are available, we recommend using Schema markup as it is simple to use and was developed in collaboration by the three major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Read more about how to start using Schema, or get an introduction to structured data at Google Search.

Hi Aaron,

The Widget Builder is great for building widgets that generate Structured markup in your site today. The Person, Department, and Organization widgets are pretty good examples of using a Widget to generate structured markup.


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