Pages with different urls

Is there anyway possible that pages can have different urls…for example: I have a page located here and this is the complete url:…

Is there anyway possible that when visiotrs type in this url: it can be redirected to the first link.

Hi Mallorie,

If you own the domain:, then yes it is possible. The most common way to approach this is to set up a redirect on the server level from to etc.

Here are some resources and previous posts from customers with similar questions and some information on how to take on this approach:

There are also customer situations in which they set up a variety of HTML pages and stubbed them onto certain vanity URL locations which would redirect to the specified path within CM1.


Let me know if this helps or if this is what you’re trying to accomplish.

Yea, I’m not really understanding the other forums…is there a way to redirect the page without having to own the domain…these are pages from our old websites that has the urls already established and printed on items

Hi Mallorie,

I did some quick research on’s domain registry and it turns out Chuck Crocker is the one who registered the City of Tuscaloosa to own the domain. It is registered with GoDaddy.

Further research pulls this from GoDaddy’s support site:…

If you get the account information from Chuck perhaps this could work?

Let me know!