Parent property

I have a content item that has a child content item added to its slot. In the snippet of the child content item, I would like to read a property of the parent item. Is there anyway to read property of the parent content item?


Try something like this:

                #set($test = $sys.assemblyItem.getCloneParentItem())##
		<h1>My Content ID: $sys.assemblyItem.Id.UUID</h1>
		<h1> My Title: $sys.assemblyItem.getNode().getProperty("rx:sys_title").String</h1>
		<h1>My Parents Content ID:  $test.Id.UUID</h1>
		<h1> My Parent's Title:  $test.getNode().getProperty("rx:sys_title").String</h1>

Thanks Nate…I have a slight variation needed. How do you find the info for the grand parent content item. SO say you have a content item(P_item), that has a child item in its slot (C_Item), and that child item has another item in its slot (GrandC_Item). Now in the GrandC_Item snippet template, I would like to get the info of the P_Item…Is there any API for it?


Have you tried just following the same technique? e.g. using getCloneParentItem on the parent item in this example?