Paste-As-Link Mess

User wanted to move content around, from one level to another too, in the end managed to do everything the wrong way (contrary to our instructions).

Instead of using Paste > Move, they did Paste > As Link. Then they removed navon from their top folder. Now of course all hell broke loose.

Attempt to re-create the navon failed with this error:

An exception occurred while processing the “Java/global/percussion/cx/sys_addNewItemToFolder” extension: com.percussion.cms.PSCmsException: An exception occurred while processing the “com.percussion.fastforward.managednav.PSNavFolderEffect” extension: com.percussion.fastforward.managednav.PSNavException: Duplicate Folder Parent. Folder structure is invalid

I am thinking of removing the “linked” items hoping that would allow me to restore the old structure.

Is there anything else I should do, or be careful about?

We’ve had similar problems. I’m not totally sure, but I think this is one of the things RxFix can be used for. Go to http://server:port/Rhythmyx/admin then log in, click Run RxFix, click Preview, and see if it reports anything, especially under Fix invalid folders or Fix broken relationships. If so, click Continue. But the trick we have found is to restart the Rhythmyx server after running RxFix.

Actually, we didn’t even have to run rxfix utility. It seems to correct itself on service restart.